This simple 3-step process will get your business awesome video testimonials fast!

The key to getting a great response, is to speak with your client first and get their agreement. This commitment will compel some people to leave you a video testimonial, even if they're busy.

Having authentic video testimonials will help to close more clients, they'll work for your business 24/7 and you can use these trusted video assets throughout all your marketing.

Compile a list, 10-15 of your recent happy clients. Could even be a current clients!

Call each client, ask them for their video testimonial. Mention how this will help others, who may be in a similar situation as them and, of course your business.

Let them know: 

  • You may be using this on your website or marketing campaign and that you really appreciate them doing the video within the next 7 days.
  • You will send them a link to your Video Capture App with easy to follow instructions, and they can record their video from any device and anywhere. PLUS it doesn't have to be perfect!

Day 1. With your preferred communication channels (SMS, email, etc), send your client the Video Capture App link.

Day 4. Follow-up with your client, with another phone call. (Optional)!

Ask them if they've received your recording link, and thank them again for agreeing to record a video something like.

  • “I'm checking in to see if you've received your testimonial link... I'm really grateful that you're taking the time to shoot us your testimonial. I know it's not easy, but it'll be extremely helpful for our business and people searching for help..."

This'll remind them about their commitment, and they'll appreciate your gratitude..;-)

Day 7. You should have received 1 to 3 testimonials! Excellent work.

For clients that haven't responded, wait a couple of more days and call them one last time, they may have been busy and just forgot! Of course, some will not do anything, which is ok!

7-Day Trust Accelerator Strategy

Step #1 

Step #2 

Step #3 

How To Easily Get Your 1st Amazing Video Testimonial, Within 7-Days

Then, simply repeat this 3-step process every month to get a continuous flow of valuable video testimonials and reap the rewards of having these digital video assets that can be used throughout your marketing.

* Send requests to 10 clients.   * Follow-up with a reminder call.   * Get 1 to 3 video testimonials.