Easily Add A New Monthly Revenue Stream To Your Business!


I'm Bhupinder Kahlon, the founder of DigitalSmyle. With three decades of experience delivering high-quality projects for global corporations, I've decided to distill my expertise into essential digital services for local businesses. Empowering them to leverage the growing influence of social proof, without the hefty price tag.

My mission is simple: provide every business with the opportunity to boost their revenue by quickly establishing trust and credibility through video testimonials, reviews, and social channels.

Let's help your clients outshine their competitors with amazing videos from real people, sharing their experience with the business.


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Dynamic Website Video Streaming, On Approval

Easily Plugin A New Revenue Stream For Your Business!

Autopilot Video Testimonial System

Easy Add-On Video Testimonial Service


Ask For A Video Testimonial

Your client just asks their customers if they would do a short video sharing their experience with the business.

Then, they share their Video App recording link using their preferred channel (Text Message, Email, Messenger, etc).

Easy Way To Have Another Income Stream!

With our 7-Day Trust Accelerator Strategy, your clients can get their 1st video testimonial within days!

  •  No Contract
  • Easy To Deliver
  • High Value, In-Demand Service

Very Affordable Launch Pricing

Simply add more accounts as your business grows!

Instantly Boost Your Recurring Revenue With Our Premium Add-On Service


Help Your Clients Win More Business With Video Testimonials

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Remote Video Recording, From Any Device

The Video App is designed to provide customers with an effortless experience when leaving their testimonial. 


It includes customised prompts to assist them with their recording, and it's all done using their personal device (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.) from anywhere, at anytime.

App content can be customised to meet business requirements.

Easily plugin a video testimonial system, to your recurring service plans, with two delivery options: 

Our technology partner platform, utilises cutting-edge remote video recording and streaming technology, that enables effortless collection and then automatic website streaming of testimonials. All done in 3 simple steps:

Autopilot Video Testimonial System

User-friendly Video Management Dashboard:

  • Manage all video testimonials (tag, approve, reject, download...).
  • Video collection App (configured by our team).
  • Showcase videos to website & share to social media.
  • Import & showcase, text reviews from over 15+ external directories.
  • Option to collect written reviews with AI writing assistant.

On Approval, video testimonials are automatically streamed to the website through a variety of elegant responsive animation video players, designed to increase engagement and drive more conversions. (No sound on demo videos).

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Not only will video testimonials boost your client's conversions. Video viewing also increases website 'Dwell Time'. Many SEO professionals consider this to be an important Google ranking signal...

Added Bonus, Improved Local SEO!

  • Done-For-You, provide a complete service or 
  • Do-It-Yourself, give your clients access to their video management dashboard.

Not For You! Simply Email Us Within 14-Days For A Full Refund, No Questions Asked :-)

Our team can do the account set-up and we offer premium support to make it easy for you to deliver this service.

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Clients understand the high value of Video Testimonials. Best part, this service requires minimal time to deliver!