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It's Never Been More Easier to Have Video Testimonials Working for Your Business 24/7

My name is Bhupinder Kahlon, and I’m the founder of DigitalSmyle. After 30 years of delivering enterprise grade projects for global corporations, I have decided to distill my experience into a set of core digital services for local businesses, helping them to harness the growing power of social proof, without the hefty price tag.

My goal is simple, offer every business the opportunity to increase their revenue, by quickly establishing trust, engagement and credibility through their video testimonials, reviews and social channels, without adding extra work to their already hectic workload.

Let's outshine your competitors by having amazing videos from real people sharing their experience with your business.


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Win More Business Through Video Testimonials

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Video Testimonial, On Any Device

Simply ask your client if they would help you by shooting a short video of their experience with your business. Then share your Selfie Video App link using SMS, email, messenger, social media... 

That's it, 60 seconds and you're all done, and you can continue to focus on your business..;-)

Our Selfie Video Testimonials System utilizes cutting-edge remote video recording and streaming technology to easily collect and showcase your video testimonials in just 3 simple steps:

Showcase your video testimonials using a variety of elegant responsive animation players, designed to increase engagement and drive more conversions. (No sound on demo videos).

Have your website do the heavy lifting for you with your compelling authentic video 'Social Proof'!

An eye-catching video engagement app, customized with your brand, displays on the lower left/right corner of your website. 

Trust Star has one job, to grab your prospects attention! Then showcase your amazing testimonials, build trust to start more conversations!

Option to have a 'call-to-action' button for your prospects to easily take the next step...

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Trust Star

Your Selfie Video App has simple prompts for your clients to follow and record the video testimonial, using their own device (mobile, tablet, laptop...) from anywhere and at anytime.

It's Easy For You & Easy For Your Clients

Relax, It's Now Really Easy

With our 7-Day Trust Accelerator Strategy, you'll get your first amazing video testimonial within days!


Easy For You

Easy For Your Clients

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Showcase your best three video testimonials.

  •  No Contract, Cancel Anytime
  •  Setup All Done For You
  •  Just Share Your App Link!

Simple Affordable Pricing

Select the Right Plan for Your Business.

Our Video App Enables Your Clients To Effortlessly Record Authentic Video Testimonials Using Their Own Device, Anywhere, Anytime.

Before sending, the client has to agree to the "Video Consent and Release Form" this gives you permission to use their testimonial for your marketing.


Get Your 1st Video Testimonial Within 7-Days Or Your Money Back. 

( Simply Email Us Within 30-Days For A Full Refund )

Get Your 1st Video Testimonial Within 7-Days Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back

Social Reach Videos

Share Video Testimonials On All Of Your Social Media Channels

Select your video testimonial, the social format and we will produce professional engaging videos for your social media. Attract more prospects with your 'digital referral' assets!

Video options include:

 Horizontal (YouTube. Facebook & Twitter)

 Square ( Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest)

Story ( Instagram, Facebook Reel, Pinterest, Snapchat & TikTok )

Vertical ( Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin )

  • AI-powered video captions,
  • Intro and Outro 'call-to-action' frames,
  • Your Logo,
  • Music,
  • Social Video Players - your brand color.

Example videos and the social formats:

Easily Unleash The Power of Video Testimonials on Your Business Today!