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Happy Client Are Your Best Salespeople!

My name is Bhupinder Kahlon, and I’m the founder of DigitalSmyle. After 30 years of delivering enterprise grade projects for global corporations, I have decided to distill my experience into a set of core digital services for local businesses, helping them to harness the growing power of social proof, without the hefty price tag.

My goal is simple, offer every business owner the opportunity to increase their revenue, by quickly establishing trust, engagement and credibility through their video testimonials and reviews, without adding extra work to their already hectic workload.

Let's outshine your competitors with amazing video testimonials from your happy past clients to win more new ones!


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Dynamic Video Streaming, On Approval

Let Your Happy Clients Bring A Smile To Your Business!

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What We Do

Quickly build and harness the social proof power of your Video Testimonials to win you more clients. 

It's done with 3 simple steps:

You #1 Ask your client for their video testimonial. We'll remotely #2 Capture, produce and then #3 Show their video testimonials by dynamically streaming them to your website, with a variety of elegant video players and engagement apps for maximum visibility and results.

Happy Clients Are Your Best Salespeople

Easily Outshine Your Competitors To Win More Clients

Have 60 Seconds?  Get Video Testimonial For Your Business Today, And Boost Your Conversions.

Yes It's That's Quick With Our Social Video Testimonial System!

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Remote Video Recording, On Any Device


Get Your First Video Testimonial Within 14-Days Or Your Money Back!

Input your client's details and they will receive a link to your Video Capture Page, via SMS & email.

- Best practice and results, ask your client first and get their commitment.

That's it, you're all done..;-), we take it from here.

Select the right plan for your business. 

Get Amazing Social Video Testimonials, Fast

Happy Clients Are Your Best Salespeople

Business website usually focuses on its expertise, its accomplishments, its formal accreditation, and the team members, all of which are important for the Know, Like and Trust building process with prospects.

However, it's the user-generated content that differentiates a business from its rivals, and nothing is more authentic and persuasive than past clients singing your praises on video!

Relax, Sit Back And Let Us Do The Work

Video Technology has enabled easy collection of testimonials but most video review platforms require you to figure everything out for yourself, from the initial setup to the on-going management of the application.

We, on the other hand, provide an complete End To End Remote Social Video Testimonial System, so you can continue to spend your valuable time with clients.

Showcase your video testimonials using our responsive, mobile-friendly video players. All designed to look amazing, increase engagement and drive more conversions.

An eye-catching Authority Star App, customized with your branding, displays on the lower left corner of your website. 

This app has one job, to grab your prospects attention and showcase your amazing client testimonials!


Review Trust Badge

Showcase proof of your 5-Star Reviews from independent trusted websites. Stream reviews from over 20+ directories such as: Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Avvo,, Houzz, Zillow... (Reviews shown for illustration only).

Plus, option for your clients to leave their written review on these directories.

Bonus - Trust Booster


[ Authority Star ]

With easy recording instructions on the Video Capture Page, your client simply records the video testimonial using one of their own devices, from anywhere and at anytime.

[ Smyle Video Player ]

Embed testimonial videos anywhere on your website. This player is customized with your branding and can be used to play all of your current videos.

[ Animated Video Players ]

Social Brand Videos

We take your client testimonials and produce professional branded social videos. These videos have your:

  • Logo, 
  • Intro and Outro 'Call-To-Action' Frames, 
  • Music,
  • Lower Third with your client details.

Perfect for marketing and sharing on social media, example below.